Chronicle of Reederei Rass


In January 2006 several vessels of the successful product series were ordered from the same shipyard. Four 900 TEU vessels were ordered, of which two vessels are operated by Rass Company. The other two 900 TEU vessels will be sold and are about to be successfully financed and resold to a German shipping company. The four ordered 700 TEU container vessels have already been financed and sold to a German shipping company.


Seven new vessels were ordered in China. The three 900 TEU container vessels are operated by Rass Company. The first vessel MV “Hoheweg” was launched on November 10th, 2006 and was delivered to the owners in March 2007. The other four 700 TEU container vessels were redesigned by the design office and Kersten Rass during a longer China trip and passed on.


In January 2004 the 515 Teu M/V “HOHEWEG” was sold to caribbean owners.


Today the Rass group consists of different companies for managing the owned ships. Mr. Kersten Rass is chairman of the Rass group companies. Each company has the staff and capacity to manage different type of ships and take over shipmanagement from other owners. Additionally the Rass group assist other companies and owners in implementaion and observation of the international safety management code (ISM) and the international ship and port facility security code (ISPS) and organize repairs with supervision even for stays in shipyards and carry out different kind of surveys accordingly.


The office and ships were certified according International Safety Management by Germanischer Lloyd and Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) in 2002.


Until 1998 Kersten Rass was captain on the companies ships. After this he joined in the Shipping Company in the office as nautical und technical inspector.


In September 1996 the 7225-tdw M/V "HOHEBANK" and in April 1997 her sister ship, the 700 TEU M/V "INGA LENA", were taken over from Shipyard. This are Open Top Containervessels with a gross tonnage of 6323. Both ships running 4 years for Charterer Borchard Lines London. M/S “HOHEBANK” running since 2 year and M/V “INGA LENA” running since 3,5 years for Charterer Maersk Copenhagen and have a timecharter for another 3 years from now.


In 1995 the "HOHEBANK" was sold and two more new vessels were ordered from the Sietas Shipyard, Hamburg / Germany.


In 1993 the company's largest ship so far, the M/V "HOHEWEG" from the Sietas Shipyard, Hamburg / Germany was taken into operation. This new vessel has a gross tonnage of 3998 and, with a capacity of 5350 tdw, was a 515 TEU ship.


MV “Hohebank was sold to the former charterer.


In 1988 yet another company ship was purchased: the 2265-tdw and 999-GRT vessel M/V"TRABANT". She served the company for six years.


MV “Hoheweg” was sold.


In 1982 he gained his Master's licence for ocean-going vessels (Kapitän auf Großer Fahrt) after beeing trained in navigation and graduated as "Dipl. Wirtschaftsingenieur für Seeverkehr" at nautical college.


In 1977 a new ship from the Lühring Shipyard, Brake / Germany was taken into operation, the M/V "HOHEBANK". She was 499 GRT, with a capacity of 1600 tdw. The M/V "HOHEWEG" was sold in 1985.


After six successful years of employment the vessel was resold and replaced by the M/V"HOHEWEG", of 424 GRT and a 700-tdw capacity.


In 1961 he took the step towards to self-employment by purchasing his first vessel, the M/V "HANNA", of 222 GRT and a capacity of 350 tdw.


After completing his education he sailed as Master on coastal motorships from 1957 onwards.


Captain Ludwig Rass began his seafaring career on coastal and ocean-going ships in 1947